About me

I have always been interested in languages and communication. It is amazing how the same message put in different words can change the recipient’s reaction and build or destroy a relationship.

My name is Anna Mańkowska. I am a Polish native speaker and an English Studies graduate. My career started from translating business texts. After a long time of helping to build relationships with foreign clients, gaining experience in business and legal translation as well as working on academic writings in the field of psychology, I spontaneously took part in an audio-visual translation course and… I totally got into it! Since 2019, I have been a TED translator and reviewer and worked on talks related to crime, psychology and health. I want to help people reach books, films and knowledge that would not be accessible because of linguistic barriers.

I love Arabic dance, bike trips and always help snails cross the sidewalk. One day I will get down to work on a terrace on Corfu and translate good criminal series and a psychological book that will change the lives of millions.

Entrusting me with your project is a guarantee that everything will be polished to a high standard and delivered on time. The agreed deadline is sacred.



+48 604 664 110



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