… includes texts that are not official and do not require specific industry knowledge:

  • books,
  • letters,
  • website content,
  • blog posts,
  • newsletters,
  • newspaper articles,
  • catalogues,
  • product descriptions,
  • correspondence,
  • statutes,
  • reports,
  • leaflets,
  • tourist guide books,
  • business plans,
  • presentations,
  • simple manuals.

It is the type of translation which, apart from the command of a language, also requires a deeper knowledge of a particular field. I provide translations of:

  • business contracts and legal texts that do not have to be certified by the officially sworn translator;
  • academic articles in the field of social science, dietetics and nutrition.

Niching down and focusing on chosen areas helps to become an expert and improves the quality of translation. As a translator passionate about psychology, self-improvement, health, dietetics and nutrition, I constantly expand my knowledge in these areas. My education, courses and experience have equipped me with the right skills to translate business and general legal texts.

In order to ensure high quality of translation, I do not translate highly specialised texts that do not match my skills, knowledge and qualifications (e.g. complicated technical or medical documents).

Sample translation


Na podstawie zarządzenia z dnia 7 sierpnia 2018 r. wezwano wnoszącego zażalenie do usunięcia w terminie 7 dni braku formalnego zażalenia poprzez nadesłanie jego 5 odpisów poświadczonych za zgodność z oryginałem lub własnoręcznie podpisanych oraz do uiszczenia wpisu od zażalenia w kwocie 100 zł. Powyższe wezwania zostały skutecznie doręczone adresatowi w dniu 21 sierpnia 2018 r. W wyznaczonym terminie wnoszący zażalenie nie nadesłał wymaganych odpisów zażalenia ani nie uiścił wpisu.

W rozpoznawanej sprawie odpisy wezwań do usunięcia braku formalnego zażalenia oraz do uiszczenia wpisu zostały doręczone skarżącemu w dniu 21 sierpnia 2018 r. Zatem termin do uzupełnienia braku formalnego zażalenia oraz wpisu upłynął z dniem 28 sierpnia 2018 r. Brak formalny zażalenia ani wpis od zażalenia nie został jednak uzupełniony.


In accordance with the order of 7 August 2018, the complainant was requested to remove a formal defect of the complaint within 7 days, by delivering 5 certified true copies or copies with his handwritten signature and to pay an appeal fee of PLN 100. These requests were effectively delivered to the addressee on 21 August  2018. The complainant neither delivered the requested copies of the complaint nor paid the fee within the prescribed period.

In the case being heard, copies of requests to remove formal defect and to pay a fee were delivered to the complainant on 21 August 2018; therefore, the deadline for meeting these requirements was 28 August 2018. The formal defect of the complaint has not been removed and the fee has not been paid. 

Have you translated some documents and need to make sure they are correct? Do you need to translate any other type of text that is not listed here? Contact me.

Subtitling, voice-over

My multimedia translation services include translating subtitles and voice-over scripts for:

    • documentaries, feature  and animated films,
    • series, soap operas,
    • TV broadcasts,
    • corporate videos,  advertisements,
    • social media, vlogs,
    • educational and training videos,
    • webcasts.

Polish text editing and proofreading

Editing improves the overall quality of your document and focuses on issues such as sentence construction and clarity. It makes your writing better organised, clearer and more suitable for the audience.

Proofreading is checking for grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors. It is usually the final step in the process of preparing a document for publishing.

I edit and proofread:

  • blog posts, e-books, newsletters,
  • website or fanpage content,
  • official letters,
  • academic writings, diploma theses,
  • marketing materials (leaflets, brochures, product descriptions, catalogues, etc.). 

I use Microsoft change tracking mode. You will receive your file with all my comments and changes, which you can accept with one click or discuss with me if you have any doubts.

If you are not sure whether you need editing or proofreading, send me your text. I will take a look and suggest what is best for you.



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